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I need to process a data from database and I see two ways: 1) Use Java only; 2) Use BeanShell with my JPA-classes (the way is like described here http://ideoplex.com/id/487/hibernate-prototyping-with-the-beanshell ).

I use NB. It creates necessary build.xml for building the project. The idea is to use this build.xml, especially the full classpath, in my *.bsh and question is: how to make access to my JPA-classes easily.

I use NB-modules http://ikayzo.org/confluence/display/BSH/Netbeans+and+Beanshell for BeanShell and as I could understand they do not provide access to the project classpath.

2008/4/29 Wade Chandler <hwadechandler-beanshell@yahoo.com>:


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