Yea, but I ended up back with beanshell because as cool as groovy is, at some point it doesn't really seam much like java anymore.  One of the things I like about beanshell  is that, for the most part, it's still java.  If you want to do xml, for example, you still do it the way you'd do it in plain-old java (e.g., use dom4j) - maybe you write a command to help you out, but...

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Try Groovy on Grails.


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For less complex site development, I've often thought Beanshell would be a great part of such an architecture (e.g., "beanshell on rails").  I haven't found such a project, though, and beanshell itself doesn't come with anything built-in (there's BSF, but that's not consistently supported well by all containers).  I hope I'm missing something.  Is anyone aware of a web framework built on beanshell or any simple approaches that i've missed? (e.g., being able to write simple controllers/servlets in beanshell, page scripting in beanshell, etc.).




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