Thanks pat.  I don't know if the BSH jar includes the right adapter - it looks like it included an Engine, so I assumed that was right.
Re tomcat, I'm guessing that's it - I tried rhino's jar and got the same problem - I was never able to find the patch, and the post was so old I had just assumed it had been resolved years later in the current Tomcat - I'm guessing no.
I notice that Groovy and Judo both get around this by providing a servlet/jsp architecture where the've got a canned generic servlet, which you then map in the web-xml.file to ".*sp" (e.g., "gsp" for groovy).  Then they handle the interpeting.  I wonder if it's because BSF is such a pain with things like tomcat.

From: Patrick Niemeyer []
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To: Furash Gary
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On Mar 24, 2006, at 10:53 AM, Furash Gary wrote:

I'm running the latest tomcat (5.5 something).  So, I drop the latest bsf and beanshell jars in tomcats lib directory, restart, and put up a simple page like
<% page language="beanshell">
It instantly dies with:
"org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /bsf.jsp(1,1) Page directive: invalid language attribute"

Does the bsh jar include the correct BSF adapter?

Does tomcat allow you to include any BSF language in a JSP?