Hi, did you look at the FrAid java scripting language? It's missing a few common data structures like matrix but functionnal solutions are often possible and a pure java back end function is always an option. For instance there is already a Runge Kutta solver whithout the need of matrix.

What I like in FrAid is that:
* it's more a Matlab like syntax (unlike BeanShell) (I used it in a simulator dedicated to Matlab users).
* FrAid isn't a monster (unlike some other scripting languages). It rather follows a simple clear BNF grammar specification compiled into an interpreter via the JavaCC and JJTree standard tools and only focuses on filling the gap between the math functionnal syntax and the java language.
* It comes with a bunch of built'in math functions

May be you can have a look:
there is also a set of nice applet demos such as: http://fraid.sourceforge.net/begin/math3d_demo.html
and the integration with java is detailed here: http://fraid.sourceforge.net/java/embedding.html

Best regards and let us know please...

Raphael Valyi, France.

On 10/30/06, Yemi I. D. Bedu <yemi@weldfast.com > wrote:
I just needed to comment on the concluding evaluation statement. I am a
computer science and have both symbolic and numerical skills. Please do
not confuse a simple computer programmer or software developer with a
computer scientist. True I am also an applied math minor, but my
school's curriculum has this pair well intergrated to almost a single
major with different perspectives of minors of computation and
mathematics. Also longevity is not the same as out-dated. I will go
through your points with a cs perspective and comment on your points.
Some are ok, others are relatively redundant, and a few remaining are
redundant with no improvement. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

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Somerset, NJ 08873

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This is a proposal on BeanShell extensions that would make it suitable
as the scripting language for a Java-based numerical computing

The Problem of Exploratory Numerical Computing
All feedback is welcome here.  I can't emphasize enough how big a
difference this system would make in the world of science if it could be
put together; PLENTY of people would be eager to use it.  Most of the
pieces are there, they just need to be assembled and tweaked.  The
reason it has not been done yet is because most physical scientists and
engineers don't have the symbolic software skills, and most computer
scientists don't have the numerical skills.  Hence, we're still using
outdated systems from the early 1990's that are barely serving our needs

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