Why isn't it possible to use non-ASCII characters?
Such character are for example é, ù, ç, à, ... (yes, I'm french ;D )
It *is* possible to do so in Java (compiles & works fine):

public class NonAsciiCharTest{
 static String e = "hello";
 static String é = "héhé"; // notice the é
 static void façon(){ //notice the ç
 public static void main(String a[]){
  System.out.println("e: "+e+" - - é:"+é);

I know it may sound a little bit un necessary as it would be possible to just use the "standard" letters (e, u, c, a) (and actually I tend to do so...)

The problem is that I am working on a project to allow non computer scientists to
create programs (you whish ;D). And, in this country (and I guess some others to...)
we use these "special" characters...so it would be kind of *really* nice to be able to do so...

I had a quick look at ASCII_UCodeESC_CharStream.java. It seems that some special characters have to be handled, woulnd't it be possible to let the strange frenchy characters go through? Would that cause a problem?

And finally, I know so many people said that before me so I feel a bit stupid writing that but Beanshell is GREAT (formidable, magnifique, genial, de la bombe de balle,... in french ;D)


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