thats why you need to delcare the class itself public.
Beanshell is not running under the protection scheme of its caller.
Its like its "external" ...
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Wade Chandler <> wrote:
--- David Lee wrote:
> As mentioned before you need the make the entire
> class public.
> public class MyFrickinClass {
> ...

Just to add ... not giving a protection level (public,
protected, or private) automatically defaults to
package protected.


That said, however, the package scope protection does not work as expected when 2 classes are loaded by different class loaders, which I believe happened here.  When 2 class loaders load even the same class, the objects they produce will be considered of 2 different classes.  Similarly, if 2 class loaders load things from the same package, package-scope access will not work between the objects they produce.

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