I am using BeanShell from within an application where I want to predefine some gloabl namespace variables before the desktop is invoked. I do something like the following:
    MyObject myVar = new MyObject();
     Interpreter myInterpreter = new Interpretter();
     try {
         myInterpreter .set("myVar", myVar)
         myInterpreter .eval("desktop()");
     } catch ( EvalError e ) {
However, I am not able to see the variable "myVar" from the gui shell. Setting the variable after calling eval("desktop()") does not change this circumstance. If I instantiate the interpretter with the AWTConsole then it works, but this console is very primitive compared to the standard gui console. What console component is actual being used in the standard BeanShell gui console? It seems to be more sophisticated than JConsole. Opening an interpreter with JConsole inside some JFrame did not result in anything useful. Do any of you have some usefull tips?
Anyway, this stuff seems pretty cool. If you got some minor tasks that need to be done, just give me a mail. I might find some time. 
Thanks and Cheers,
Mario Juric