Hi Christopher,


I have done some work on the Swing console to allow for input and display of all Unicode characters (assuming you have the proper font installed.)  I've used it with Cyrillic characters and Japanese.  I submitted the patch to Pat a while back.  Hopefully we can get it in the next release.





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Why isn't it possible to use non-ASCII characters?
Such character are for example é, ù, ç, à, ... (yes, I'm french ;D )
It *is* possible to do so in Java (compiles & works fine):

public class NonAsciiCharTest{
 static String e = "hello";
 static String é = "héhé"; // notice the é
 static void façon(){ //notice the ç
 public static void main(String a[]){
  System.out.println("e: "+e+" - - é:"+é);

I know it may sound a little bit un necessary as it would be possible to just use the "standard" letters (e, u, c, a) (and actually I tend to do so...)

The problem is that I am working on a project to allow non computer scientists to
create programs (you whish ;D). And, in this country (and I guess some others to...)
we use these "special" characters...so it would be kind of *really* nice to be able to do so...

I had a quick look at ASCII_UCodeESC_CharStream.java. It seems that some special characters have to be handled, woulnd't it be possible to let the strange frenchy characters go through? Would that cause a problem?

And finally, I know so many people said that before me so I feel a bit stupid writing that but Beanshell is GREAT (formidable, magnifique, genial, de la bombe de balle,... in french ;D)



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