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When i try to run jar by double clicking jar it hangs with just start logo on screen. Same thing happens when i run java -jar bsh-2.0b4.jar bsh.Interpreter. My operating system is Windows XP, my java version is 1.6.0 (jdk).


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    I get the same thing, so this isn't just a oneoff. It's very intermittent, but sometimes it has a spell of doing it every time you run it.

    If the machine is busy then it seems less likely to hang.

    If you run the jar with java -verbose it hangs straight after printing:
    [Loaded javax.swing.JToolBar from shared objects file].

  • Peter C. Chapin

    Peter C. Chapin - 2008-02-12

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    I can confirm that is is happening to me as well. I'm running Java 1.6.0_02 on a Windows XP machine. My box is a dual core system if that matters. I put the bsh-2.0b4 jar file into the extensions folder of my JRE. When I do "java bsh.Console" the behavior I'm seeing is exactly as the original poster described. However, I can do "java bsh.Interpreter" without any apparent problem.

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    I experience the same performance hit using bsh2.0b4, the call interpreter.eval takes forever
    I am using Windows XP


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