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BeaGTex 1.3 released

Version 1.3 of the platformindependent LaTex-Editor BeaGTex is now available.
Some new LaTex-Functions were added.
BeaGTex 1.3 is tested with Linux and Windows but should run with every OS having installed a current Java-VM.
Currently BeaGTex supports English and German (more languages will come)

Posted by gorgophol 2007-11-30

BeaGTex - Blogs

There are two new Blogs concerning BeaGTex. (german) (english)

have a look :-)

Posted by gorgophol 2007-11-07

Mailing List

The BeaGTex mailing-list is now available. All public BeaGTex-news will be published there. So just register if your are interested in the latex news about your favorite LaTex-Editor :-)

Posted by gorgophol 2007-11-06

BeaGTex 1.2.1 released

The internationalization of BeaGTex was completed in Version 1.2.1. All language-specific parts are realized via properties. So new languages can be added pretty easy by creating a new property for this language. Users can now choose their preferred language (English/German) at the first start. There are no more differend versions fof BeaGTex for English and German

Posted by gorgophol 2007-10-12

Project Web Site in english

The BeaGTex - Web Site is now also available in english.

Thanks for translation!

Posted by gorgophol 2007-09-25

BeaGTex 1.2 international released

Shortly after the german version, the GUI now is switched to englisch so also non-german-speaking people can use it.

Feedback is welcome :-)

Posted by gorgophol 2007-09-21

BeaGTex 1.2 Released in German

Version 1.2 of my LaTex-Editor was released in German. Any help for translation, programming, testing is always welcome :-)

Posted by gorgophol 2007-09-19