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Added "One Big Jar" Install Method

Now there is a simpler, more compact way to run bddshell or any of the BDD utilities. You can build one big jar (OBJ), via "make obj" and put that in your classpath, then run bddshell from anywhere.

The real benefit of this is we can release snapshot JAR's, so you can be up and running pretty quickly. Hopefully I'll get the OBJ perfected soon and release one within a few days. Right now, its available only through CVS checkout.

Posted by Aleks Kissinger 2005-08-30

Initial Import and Release Descriptions

Performed initial import to CVS. You now have three options for downloading bddshell: 1) bddshell-XX.tar.gz: the basic release 2) bddshell-full-XX.tar.gz: the basic release plus the source code of all the other projects (CVS get already performed as of the day of the release) or 3) CVS.

Posted by Aleks Kissinger 2005-08-19