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BBWin 0.9 available

This version contains the new following stuffs:

+ New Features
* Msgs agent reports events username and you may filter event with user name
* Msgs agent reports some statistics about each event log file. You can activate
an option which alert you when an event log is full. See the help chm file for details.
* New BBWinUpdate agent : it used for the semi centralized mode. You can configure the agent
to download configurations updates from a central hobbit server.
* First version of BBWin centralized mode implemented. Backend for hobbit not coded.
Look at the BBWin.cfg example in the doc folder or in the documentation

+ Updates
* system uptime sometimes returns 0 seconds on the first query. BBWin now send
a green status when this happens to avoid incorrect alerts.
* msgs now formats description field in status so you don't have to scroll your window
to read a large event description
* disk agent reported alerts on unrecognized disks (like disks part of cluster resources on
the inactive node of an MSCS cluster). These disks are now automatically ignored.
* cluster.exe is more verbose when it check the Windows version
* procs agent now is using rules with signs '+' or '-' because XML format doesn't accept
'<' sign in attributes ... However, the compatibility with '<' and '>' is preserved.
* msgs summary option is removed. It is enabled by default and there is no use to disable it.

+ Bugs
* limit option for cpu agent was wrong in the number of lines reported, it is fixed.
* When an agent had no configuration in BBWin.cfg and if it was loaded, BBWin crashed, it is fixed.
* msgs agent had a memory leak when an initialization was made to get event description. it is fixed.
* wlbs script external had a bug to load the configuration file. it is fixed.
* cpu agent were always missing one process in the ps report. it is fixed.
* externals agent was crashing BBWin if its configuration was empty. it is fixed.

Posted by Etienne Grignon 2006-12-17

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