BBWin Preview 0.8 available

This preview contains the following stuffs:

+ New Features
* svcs agent has now a delay setting which tell the agent to do not
monitor the Windows services for a short time after the startup
of the computer
* Msgs agent have priority and count options
* You may use environment variables for hostname and paths settings (registry and BBWin.cfg)
* Cpu agent can monitor uptime like the original Big Brother client. It is off by default.
* Cpu agent reports usage for each cpu
* ext directory is now created at the installation so the tree really looks like hobbit tree.
* hostname, logpath, binpath, etcpath, tmppath, extpath registry settings can be environment variables (e.g.: %VARNAME%)
* default hostname is %COMPUTERNAME%

+ Updates
* cpu agent on multi processor computers is now sending the correct cpu
* disk is now reporting correctly disk which had a size smaller than 1 mb
* autoreload is now on by default
* BBWin doesn't exits any more on configuration errors
* Msgs default delay for matchs rules may be overridden by a generic setting
* Msgs now reports date with 24h time format

+ Important note :
* A memory leak has been discovered in BBWin 0.7 due to a bug in the CRT library shipped
with Visual C++ 2005. I'm forced to use the Visual ToolKit 2003 since not update
is available yet for this bug. (SP1 public download not yet available)
Here the page that explain the bug :

Important Upgrade note : If you are upgrading from an older BBWin version, the disk, procs, and externals
agents may not be upgraded because of a version error in the old package. So, the easyest way to upgrade BBWin
to 0.8 is to delete disk.dll, procs.dll and externals.dll before the upgrade or by doing a repair by the MSI package
after the upgrade.

Posted by Etienne Grignon 2006-08-01

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