BBWin Preview 0.7 available

This preview contains the new following stuffs:

* The msgs agent : it monitors the event logs. It uses match and ignore rules with a lot of
options. Rules can be specified with EventId, Event type, Source, LogFile and description
(perl regular expressions can be used).

* BBWin configuration auto reloading : BBWin auto reload can be set so any change to the BBWin.cfg file
will indicate BBWin to reload its configuration without restarting the service itself.

* bbpager : BBWin now supports bbpager feature (used with Big Brother server, not compatible with hobbit)

* cpu improved : Cpu has been rewritten and reports now contains process owner and priority

* Documentation: the documentation is now delivered as a chm file, easyer to read than first my ReadMe.txt file. It will be more complete with time. Also,
it may contains many english bad spelling. I will take english lesssons soon but you are welcome to send me corrections :)

* Migration tools: configuration migration from bbnt to BBWin for bbpager and msgs has been implemented

Note : This new version now use registry for the hostname setting. I decided that because it will help
to have generic BBWin.cfg files. You may delete the hostname xml setting
in your BBWin.cfg file and fill the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BBWin\hostname.

Posted by Etienne Grignon 2006-05-17

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