BBWin Preview 0.5 available

This preview contains the new following stuffs:

* The Cpu agent dll : it will monitor your cpu with a full ps report sorted by cpu usage
* The Disk agent dll : it will monitor your disks usage
* The Memory agent dll : it will monitor your memory usage
* The Stats agent dll : just to send statistics reports like netstat for trends purpose
* The external fsmon: a small script used to monitor folders (files counting for IIS smtp queue for example)
* The externals agent can now work with report file using lifetime feature
* The uptime agent doesn’t use anymore the pdh library
* The converting tools: migrate your current bbnt configuration to the BBWin configuration format instantaneously

Note : the cpu, disk, memory and stats agents are bbnt trends back compatible. So, you will be able to keep your trends history if you are moving from an other bb client.

Also, it contains the already existing stuffs with some bugs corrections. You may look at the change log file to get more details.

* The executable BBWin: it is the native service in charge of executing the agents
* The executable BBWinCmd : it is a command line utility to send messages to an hobbit server
* The Externals agent dll: it is an agent in charge of executing all your existing BB scripts or executables
* The Procs agent dll : it is an agent in charge of checking running processes
* The Uptime agent dll: it will monitor uptime of the server including an alarm if reboot recently. It was interesting to separate this alarm from cpu column.
* The external wlbs.vbs: monitor wlbs (nlb) windows clusters
* The external cluster.exe: monitor mscs windows clusters
* The agents SDK: contains an example and the necessary headers to develop your own C++ BBWin agents

After installing the BBWin package, please read the Readme.txt file to understand its working. It is located in C:\Program Files\BBWin\doc if you installed it by default.

Note : If upgrading from BBWin 0.4, just install the new version, it will upgrade your BBWin agent without erasing your existing configuration files.

Posted by Etienne Grignon 2006-04-03

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