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BBDB 2.35 released

See the mailing list bbdb-info for details.

Posted by Robert Widhop-Fenk 2007-01-30

Please use the mailing list, NOT the forums

Hi folks,

I don't use the sourceforge forums at ALL. If you find a bug, have a question, or wish to submit a patch, use bbdb-submit-bug-report or mail directly to bbdb-info. The former gives vital information about your setup that may help myself or others solve your problem immediately, rather than having to extract further information from you.

I realise I've not made a release in a while; life is a little hectic at present but will hopefully be calming down in a month or two and I'll try and pack up the latest CVS then.... read more

Posted by Waider 2002-08-19

2.34 released

BBDB 2.34 has been released. Here's the detail:

BBDB-2.34 is out. I've updated with the
new release, and also tagged CVS, and I'm updating the
mirror right now.

In this release:
* Much display handling rewriting, courtesy of Alex Schroeder and
Robert Fenk. It's so good, I've not even figured it out myself yet.
* The build is slightly more sane, so that ./configure with no options
does something vaguely useful.
* Completion has been investigated, ripped apart, and largely
rewritten. It should mostly do what you mean at this point.
* The compiler doesn't complain so much when you're building.
* Assorted bugfixes, tweaks, and features. Changelog has details.... read more

Posted by Waider 2002-01-15

BBDD 2.32 released

Well, it was released on March 4. I forgot to add a news item about it.

Posted by Waider 2001-03-17

BBDB 2.20 released

First release of BBDB in two years! Details on our page at

Posted by Waider 2001-01-25

Web Page now on sourceforge CVS

The BBDB web page at is now kept in the html directory of the CVS tree. Developers may make adjustments to the pages, but they're not automatically flushed to the website. Well, yet, anyway. The SourceForge logo at the page end is required by the SourceForge guys, before you ask.

Posted by Waider 2000-05-01

Posted 2.00.06 release

Matt Simmons' last version of BBDB, 2.00.06, has been added to the "release files" section of the BBDB project. This is to allow folk to grab the tarball without having to play with CVS.

Posted by Waider 2000-04-12

CVS & Lists live

CVS and mailing lists for BBDB are now live.

Posted by Waider 2000-04-10

Almost ready to go

The SourceForge setup for BBDB is almost ready to go live. CVS is in place (i.e. you can do anonymous checkouts) and I'm working on getting everything else in order by Monday evening.


Posted by Waider 2000-04-09

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