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Code Review

This page describes the code review process after a patch has been submitted and the responsibilities of the Reviewer(s) and the Submitter.


  1. Reply to the email with the submitted patches. Be sure that the To: field contains both the mailing list and submitter's email addresses.
  2. Place general comments at the top of the email. Suggestions which are specific to a given section of code should be inline with the patch text.


If you need to make changes to your patches after recieving a review, you should base those changes on the existing commits in your local git repo.

  1. Checkout the first commit in your feature branch and create a new branch for the code review changes.
  2. Make the appropriate changes as suggested by the reviewer.
  3. Amend the commit with git commit --ammend -aC from the command-line or by clicking the "Amend Previous Commit" button in the Git Staging view in Eclipse.
  4. Move your other commits from your feature branch to your new code review branch. If every commit needs changes, you can use git cherry-pick and repeat steps 2 and 3. If several commits will remain unchanged from your original submission, use git rebase.


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