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BBCT Version 0.5.3 for Desktop Release

I have finally released an update to BBCT for desktop computers. The primary feature added is a combo box for baseball player positions. Also I created a tarball and zip file of the source code for download. I hope that anyone interested enjoys the new release.

Posted by Code Guru 2013-03-19

Ongoing Development

Current development efforts focus on BBCT for Android. The most recent version is available on Google Play.

The desktop app will continue to see updates at a slower pace. Since I am the only developer, the time I spend on this project is limited. If anyone has suggestions, comments, or feedback, please post in the Forums.

Posted by Code Guru 2012-12-21

Android Beta Release

The BBCT for Android Beta Release is now available for download. If you download and install this to your Android device, please give some feedback in the project Discussion Forums.

Project Admins:
Posted by Code Guru 2012-10-10

Help Wanted

I have a few items that I can use some help with. Most of these are non-development tasks for the BBCT project.

  • Creating an icon and/or logo for the project.
  • Writing javadocs
  • Contributing to the project wiki
  • Testing
  • Create/maintain project website
  • Clean up TODOs in code
Posted by Code Guru 2012-09-29

Beta version 0.5.2

I have released a new beta version. From the user's point of view, there are very few changes from version 0.5.1: tweaks to the user interface and error messages. The major changes are in the organization of the code base.

Project Admins:
Posted by Code Guru 2012-09-21

BBCT for Android

With the Beta release mostly complete, I have decided to port BBCT to Android. For anyone interested in the code repository, this means that there have been significant changes to the directory structure. To begin with, I have moved the current code base to a directory named swing. I have also added a directory named android with a "Hello, World" android app that will slowly evolve into BBCT for Android. Finally, I will add a common directory and refactor code from the current Swing application which can be shred with the Android version as well as versions for any other platforms which will be supported in the future.... read more

Posted by Code Guru 2012-09-11

Beta Update

I have made a few minor additions to the beta release. In particular, logging should work correctly now. This will help facilitate reporting bugs and other issues. I hope someone out there finds this application useful and will provide some feedback to improve it.

Project Admins:
Posted by Code Guru 2012-09-10

Version 0.5 Beta release

BBCT is now officially in beta with version 0.5! I am working on adding some logging to the beta version to help track down errors. This will be added with version 0.5.1.

Project Admins:
Posted by Code Guru 2012-09-08

Another alpha release with some GUI fixes.

This time there are only some minor fixes in the user interface. I'm still working on updating any edits to the database.

Posted by Code Guru 2012-09-01

New alpha release

I have uploaded another alpha release. Most features have been implemented. See the open Tickets for what I have left to finish before transitioning to beta.

Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-30

To Do List for Beta Release

I have added Tracker tickets for my To Do list in preparation for the beta relase. Anyone who is interested can follow along. I also have added tickets for items that I want to polish before a final version 1.0 release and features that might be included in version 2.0. I could use some help with several of these, especially for Version 1.0. Please contact me if you are interested.... read more

Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-29

Another push to the Git repository

I have been actively working on this project as much as I can. Today I pushed the latest code changes. Mostly these include JavaDoc documentation and minor GUI enahancments. The major change which I forgot to mention in the Git comments is that I implemented all the buttons on the EditCardsPanel. All of the major features should now be implemented. I have a few GUI issues to resolve before this project transitions to an official beta.... read more

Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-25

Updated code

A new version of the code is now available in the Code Repository. Also an alpha version is available for download. Changes include implementing the "Find" features and adding Licensing information to all source files. Feel free to post comments here or in the Discussion area.... read more

Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-23


Just to clarify, the "hsqldb.jar" file available from this project's Downloads is not the output of this project. I have made it available because it is required for the alpha version of the Code.

Project Admins:
Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-20

Development continues, help wanted

I am continuing development on the alpha version of BBCT. If anyone would like to help with this project, please contact me. I have a few ideas where you can contribute, including:

  • Creating an icon and/or logo for the project.
  • Writing javadocs
  • Contributing to the project wiki
  • Unit tests
  • Test cases at all levels

If you have any other ways to contribute, I am open to ideas.

Project Admins:
Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-18

Alpha code in the Git repository

I made the first commit to the Git repository. This project is still under development, so not all features are present. However, a mostly-functioning Swing GUI is available. The project is being developed in NetBeans, but it should not be required in order to compile the code.

Project Admins:
Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-17

Welcome to BBCT!

BBCT is a user-friendly Java-based application which will help you organize your baseball card collection. You can add cards to the BBCT database and then search the database by year, card number, and/or player name. Screen-shots of the alpha-version are available on the BBCT project web page. Since this project is still under development, the final release may contain significant changes to the interface. However, the basic functionality described here will be preserved.... read more

Posted by Code Guru 2012-08-16

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