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Stuart Aitken
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Dizzy-Beats is a graphical Java application downloadable from this website (see the Files tab) that builds on the established Dizzy simulator http://magnet.systemsbiology.net/software/Dizzy/ We add an optimisation function based on simulated annealing, and nested sampling for computing the Bayesian Evidence and the moments of parameter posteriors. Dizzy-Beats supports model comparison through calculation of log Z (log Bayesian Evidence) for a model and replicate time series data. The methodology is described further here: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1752-0509/7/72

mRNA expression

In common with all comparable probabilistic approaches, a likelihood function is required to calculate the probability of the data given the model parameters, and here we take a novel approach by adopting a likelihood based on the l1-norm. This function is applicable to any replicated time series data, giving a likelihood that reflects biological variability rather than assumed Gaussian technical error. The Dizzy-Beats application runs on the most common operating systems and is open source.