0x0f, 0xba, 0xf0, 0x10

  • pro

    pro - 2004-10-30

    this should something like "btr eax,0x10", but libdisasm returns invalid opcode 0f

    is it a bug or do i miss something?


    • pro

      pro - 2004-10-31

      i tried the opcodes with the newest version

      for this code:
      BYTE buf[] = {0x0f,0xba,0xf0,0x10};
      x86_insn_t insn;

      x86_init(opt_none, NULL);
      x86_disasm(buf, sizeof(buf), 0, 0, &insn);

      i get an "OR" mnemonic instead of "BTR"
      maybe an error in the opcode tables?

    • Michael Mondragon

      ah, yeah, the first four empty/unused insns in Intel's "Group 8"  are missing from the opcode table.

      fixed in cvs.



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