Hi all,

The reason is that since basket does not save encoding information in its files, if you backup your data on a machine and then restore them on another machine with a different default encoding, all non-ASCII characters will be messed up.


2013/10/26 Gleb Baryshev <gleb.baryshev@gmail.com>
Hi all,

I was fixing search through the notes with non-Latin text and have found out that it was actually stored as HTML character codes (e.g. &#1084;&#1072;). I had to remove this conversion and everything seems to work, but I wonder why this was introduced. So it would be great if those who are using non-Latin notes could test this change (see the attached path or basket trunk at github.com/gl-bars/basket/tree/basket-gleb-qtc).

*Backup BasKet data before the experiments!*

After editing of non-Latin notes basket*/note*.html files will be overwritten (actual editing is not needed, click on note & esc is enough) and filter functionality should start working for those notes.

This convert functionality was added in github.com/kelvie/basket/commit/125be15b36a549edf4ee0553d9fe01a5fb6f4aab in 2011 and I don't see the reason for it...
For me, the current variant (w/o conversion) works, but I will test for a longer time.


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