Hi Nick,
I just discovered that I was unable to paste some shell script snippet into a
note. The code was something like <<if [[ "$line" == "$regex" ]]; then>>
Once I pasted the code, basket removed the brackets, resulting in <<if
"$line" == "$regex" ; then>>
In my local git branch I fixed the fact that basket is removing the [[ ]] from the underlying text, however that still leave the fact that it will turn the text into a link...
I assume this has to do with recent cross-referencing patches, as the only
code in basket that matches "[[" is in src/tools.cpp
If you add code that treats some character sequences in a special way, you
also need to provide some means of escaping. Another alternative is to add
options to disable cross-referencing. Yet another alternative is to disable
cross-referencing for notes tagged "Code".

My initial thought was to escape the character sequence, but the idea of disabling cross references in notes tagged as "code" is interesting and I'd like to solve it that way if no one has any objections.

Additionally the tags idea could be extended to a check box in the tags UI that allows the user to select if a specific tag will allow cross references. Thoughts?

Either way, I think inability to paste shell code into a note is a bug. Should
I file it?

It's definitely a bug, but I'm not sure what the filing policy is since it's not an official release yet...
Thanks for pointing this out.