Hi Nick,
Hi Amir,

>> If you add code that treats some character sequences in a special way, you
>> also need to provide some means of escaping. Another alternative is to add
>> options to disable cross-referencing. Yet another alternative is to
>> disable
>> cross-referencing for notes tagged "Code".
> My initial thought was to escape the character sequence, but the idea of
> disabling cross references in notes tagged as "code" is interesting and I'd
> like to solve it that way if no one has any objections.
> Additionally the tags idea could be extended to a check box in the tags UI
> that allows the user to select if a specific tag will allow cross
> references. Thoughts?

In my current git[1] (1ebd768) you can set if a note allows cross references based on the tag(s) on the note. If you add multiple tags on a note and any one tag dis-allows cross refs the note will turn them off.

If you want to test, and you're using an existing install you'll have to setup the tags manually. If you use a fresh install or remove the tags file (~/.kde/share/apps/basket/tags.xml) the only tag that's set to turn off cross references by default is "Code" if you think there should be any others please let me know.

It is good; however, since the "Code" tag might be useful in some
other places, IMHO it is better to have both these features. I mean if
a note is tagged as "Code" it will not be able to have neither
cross-references nor HTML (or any other kind of formatted) text.

At some point I think it would be good to use a KatePart and get syntax highlighting, code folding, spell check, etc...


[1] http://gitorious.org/~bcmilco/basket/bcmilco-basket