#17 Royal Flush / Timer Bug


The excellent pinball game "Royal Flush" seems to have
a serious timing problem in Basilisk II (Windows JIT port
142, maybe also Linux, don't know, please check).
Though Basilisk II is by far fast enough to emulate
things like Marathon, this pinball runs slow like an
antarian snow slug. With full 60 frames per second or
so. On my Mac IIcx it correctly skips frames, but in BII
it doesn't. The same bug appears in Chuck Yeager's Air
Combat and probably some other applications

If it's a Windows port only thing, please tell me so and
I'll switch to the Linux port.

If it's a general Basilisk II problem which can't be solved
with five lines of code, tell me a good story why and I'll
shut up.

If it's a just a matter of configuration and I'm stupid,
please just post the correct config entries and don't
insult me.

If it can be fixed, please fix it. And do another Windows
port (sorry I had to say this).

And for god's sake, keep up the work on Basilisk II! I
love it!



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