#6 Power PC Emulation


Are there any plans to incorporate Power PC emulation?


  • Sorry

    Sorry - 2002-01-20

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  • Stéphan Kochen

    Stéphan Kochen - 2002-01-24

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    I've heard the emulation isn't that much of a prob. It's
    the speed that's keeping them from doing it. It's hard to
    keep it both compatible and fast at the same time. You'd
    need a rather new computer to emulate a rather old
    powermac if they did make a powermac emulation without
    optimizing it.

  • Scott Duensing

    Scott Duensing - 2002-07-28

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    I'm all for adding it - slow or not. It's hard to worry about
    optimizing code that doesn't exist. Make it work, then make
    it fast.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i would like that basilisk will run powerpc apps and run mac
    os x.
    please do it!
    Francesco from Italy

  • Stefan Wagner

    Stefan Wagner - 2003-02-05

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    I really do hope that "they" will release a version that makes it
    possible to emulate "up-to-date" PPC-Macs.
    As a webdeveloper I need a way to emulate a Mac in order to
    check if everything runs well and will be rendered fine.
    Performance does not matter at all, because viewing HTML-
    Pages is not a matter of performance.

    PS: BasiliskII runs very stable and fine under .NET CR2

    Again: Please Do IT!

  • Admin Korkman

    Admin Korkman - 2003-02-07

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    PowerPC Emulation will possibly never appear in Basilisk II.
    The emulated 68k chip is rather simple compared to a
    PowerPC processor. It's not a matter of speed. It's a matter of
    circuits. If, for any reason, IBM / Motorola decide to
    cooperate with emulation designers *and* allow them to
    emulate a PowerPC CPU without horrendous license fees
    (why in hell should they?), there'll be Basilisk III. And it would
    probably produce headlines if it anything was able to emulate
    MacOS X on a i586 machine, as this would ruin Apple.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Here is the problem. The RISC PPC Archetecture includes a
    unique way of breaking down and processing information,
    accompanied by a set of instructions. Since the x86
    archetecture doesn't read PPC instructions, a program must
    be used to interpret the information into processable data, an
    emulator. In order for a developer to know how take the
    information and make it readable on an x86 machine, the
    developer must gain access to the patented archetecture of
    the processor and its instruction set, and IBM/Motorola don't
    want to give that up b/c it would mean a loss of money when
    people buy x86 processors and just emulate the PPC
    processor instead of actually buying the PPC processor and

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    PowerPC based Macs have been around for around a decade,
    yet no software company has even released a commercial
    PPC Mac emulator, so I'm thinking it's very unlikely that it will
    ever happen.

    Right now I'm hoping that Apple releases iTunes 4 for Linux,
    or more likely Windows so I can make use of the music store.
    If that doesn't happen I'll definitely be rooting for PPC Mac

  • Matthew

    Matthew - 2003-05-19

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    If ppc emulation requires paying licensing fees, why is
    there a ppc simulator in gdb? It uses PSIM, old docs page
    is http://sources.redhat.com/psim . Perhaps this could
    provide a starting point for ppc emulation support?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    micky: Maby there are maby there aren`t.. but seriously...
    ppc emulation is faaaaar from being released if ever... maby
    will be with an addin card with a ppc processor (like the amiga

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    PearPC is out. It's workin. Im running Mac OS X on my PC.
    This is real. Check it out its a sourceforge project


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