#14 OS X Enhancements for SheepShaver


SheepShaver Challenge
In light of Apple's recent discontinuation of Classic
for Intel Macs, I have decided to write a challenge
for all programmers who are either working on, or
planning to work on, SheepShaver. The main reason
why I would ask for this is because there are still a
lot of games that are still Classic only.

The following requests are highly reccomended to make
SheepShaver work better:
+Make it so that it doesn't crash when you play a
Quicktime movie.
+Support for OpenGL.
+Support for USB(HID) joysticks.
+Better support for serial ports.
+A preference program that can be launched from 10.2
that doesn't use third-party frameworks.
+Better CD-ROM support.
+Binary distribution that is Intel- and PowerPC-
native (Universal Binary).
+Better support of external Mac file systems.
+Support for Mac disk images (.img, maybe .dmg).

The following are minor things that may help with the
operation of Sheepshaver, but aren't required.
+Make it so that there is a way to change between
full-screen and windowed mode via a command in a menu
add-on inside the guest (OS 7-9) OS.
+make it so that you can print directly to Mac OS X
via a chooser extention in OS 8.
+Make it so that Quicktime movies are video
+Make it so that Networking works on OS X.
+Make it so that MIDI is sent to Mac OS X's Core
+Make it so that Audio is sent to Mac OS X's Carbon
Sound Manager instead of SDL.
+Make it so that SheepShaver can access all of the
drives on Mac OS X.
+Make SheepShaver store preferences in a plist file
other than an invisible file in the home directory.
+Make it so that it doesn't crash randomly with
memory errors.
+Make it so that it emulates RAVE (QuickDraw 3D
+Make it so that ColorSync uses color correction on
the "monitor" so that stuff made on SheepShaver shows
up properly on other OSes.

There may be other enhancements that can be done, but
I have run out of ideas tthat would make SheepShaver

Good luck!


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