Amir Caspi - 2006-05-17

Has anyone managed to get Space Quest IV working properly?  I'm running the OS X port (1.0 v17) with System 7.5.5 on Basilisk.  I was able to install and run SQ4 just fine...

The problem is that when the game starts, during the "drop off" scene, the game just "hangs" with the watch icon... can't control anything in the game.

The WEIRD thing is that the game console (at the top, where you can select your tools) still responds... all the icons are greyed out except the help and control panel icon.  I can quit, restart, restore games, etc... I just can't DO anything (like walk, etc.).

If I then restart the game (choosing "restart" from the game console), it works fine because it skips the animation sequence.  But, if I then do something that triggers another animation, such as going down the grate, it again hangs with the watch icon.  In this case, restarting the game works but is kind of stupid... but there's no other way to unhang the game.

So basically, has anyone managed to get SQ4 working properly so that it doesn't cause this hang to occur?  I'd REALLY love to play it but I haven't figure out ANY way of fixing this.

(Note that I installed the game from the floppies... if there was a bug-fix update released by Sierra, I don't have it and I can't find it anywhere online.)

Any ideas and assistance are greatly appreciated!