external file system/'my computer' secret?

  • David Lindsey

    David Lindsey - 2004-10-17

    Hello, I've got B2 for windows v0.8 build 142, and in the "My Computer" tab of the preferences gui, I've got "Enable external file system" checked (enabled)  and the C: and D: drives checked for mounting.  Once in the actual emulator, though, no icon for My Computer shows up on the desktop.  Is there something else I have to enable on the Mac side?  I'm running 7.5 and I think I have a copy of AccessPC in the cdev folder.  I've seen references to others not being able to get this feature to work, but never any solutions.  Any help appreciated.


    • Gwenole Beauchesne

      Hi, the README says:

      extfs <direcory path>

        This item specifies the root directory for the "Host Directory Tree"
        file system (the "Unix/BeOS/Amiga/..." icon on the Finder desktop).
        All objects contained in that directory are accessible by Mac applications.

        This feature is only available when File System Manager V1.2 or later
        is installed on the Mac side. FSM 1.2 is built-in beginning with MacOS 7.6
        and can be installed as a system extension (downloadable from Apple, look
        for the FSM SDK in the developer section) for earlier MacOS versions.

    • David Lindsey

      David Lindsey - 2004-10-22

      You know, I had actually read that but glossed over it because I didn't understand why such a crucial puzzle piece would not have been mentioned in the GUI itself.  Once the FSM was in place, editing the prefs file manually is necessary; just using the GUI to set the "drives to mount" doesn't work.  Seems a little counterintuitive?  But anyway thanks very much for the help.  For future reference the FSM 1.2 kit was found at the following address (subject to change I suppose):



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