Mac OS 9

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-06-09

    Is there any possibility how to emulate Mac OS 9? I do not mean only PearPC project. I tried Basilisk but with no success. Can anybody answer?

    • Allan Hunter

      Allan Hunter - 2004-06-13

      With Basilisk? 

      No.  Basilisk is a 68K Mac emulator.  A genuine hardware 68K Mac will not run MacOS 9, so neither will the emulator.

      With Sheepshaver? 

      maybe.  People have booted MacOS 8.6 on Sheepshaver.  I don't know about 9.

      With PearPC?

      maybe.  People have booted MacOS X on PearPC.  The problem with MacOS 9 is that a ROM is required, and I don't know if PearPC is set up to look for and utilize a ROM file even if you supply one.

    • Gwenole Beauchesne

      MacOS 9.0.4 now works in SheepShaver. See Christian's homepage for details to download CVS code, or check my site for precompiled binaries.

    • french1eiht7

      french1eiht7 - 2004-11-13

      um.... i was thinkin, if u put a m68k linux distro on Basilisk II and run SheepShaver on it... wouldnt it work? :) (why doin simple when u can do complicated)

    • Allan Hunter

      Allan Hunter - 2004-11-14

      You can't run Linux within Basilisk II, as far as I know, because it doesn't emulate the MMU of a real hardware 68K Mac.


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