creating disc images on os x

  • lloyd766

    lloyd766 - 2006-02-14

    i have loaded the ROM onto Basilisk II (the mac os x verson)i get the floppy with ? so thats OK. I now need to put system7.5.3 onto a disk image. this is were i dont have a single idea what to do. it someone could post a step by step guide to creating a disk image and mounting system7 on it and then how to add this image to Basilisk II it would be much appreciated.

    • Howard Spoelstra

      To create a disk image use the following command in a terminal window:

      dd if=/dev/zero of=name_of_your_hard_disk_image bs=1048576 count=size_in_megabytes

      Or use Disk Utility (Applications/Utilities) and create a new image file.

      Then open it and put the files you need on it.

    • lloyd766

      lloyd766 - 2006-02-16

      ok i know how to creat the disc image now but what do i need to put on the image? I tryed puting the 19 installation parts for system 7 on it but that dident work when i tryed to boot for it.


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