Can't even get started :(

  • Tom

    Tom - 2007-03-06

    Downloaded and untarred BasiliskII_src_31052001.tar.gz.

    Configure looks fine.

    Program doesn't compile, ending with:

    c++ -I../include -I. -I../uae_cpu -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -DOS_linux -DCPU_i386 -DDIRECT_ADDRESSING -DREGPARAM="__attribute__((regparm(3)))" -DX86_ASSEMBLY -DUNALIGNED_PROFITABLE -DOPTIMIZED_FLAGS -DFPU_X86 -D_REENTRANT -DDATADIR=\"/usr/local/share/BasiliskII\" -O2 -I/usr/include/gtk-1.2 -I/usr/include/glib-1.2 -I/usr/lib/glib/include -fomit-frame-pointer -c ../uae_cpu/fpu/fpu_x86.cpp -o obj/fpu_x86.o
    ../uae_cpu/fpu/fpu_x86.cpp: In function ‘void fpu_exit()’:
    ../uae_cpu/fpu/fpu_x86.cpp:6451: error: memory input 0 is not directly addressable
    make: *** [obj/fpu_x86.o] Error 1

    Please help.

    • Shadowfirebird

      Shadowfirebird - 2007-03-08

      I get the same.

      Also with the '15012002' cvs snapshot linked to on the download page.

      BUT. There is a Ubuntu package that works for me (mostly, probably just me not understanding Macs).  Which means that there might be a Debian package.  And perhaps one of the later CVS snapshots works...

    • Shadowfirebird

      Shadowfirebird - 2007-03-08

      No, it looks as if 15012002 is the last snapshot (?)

    • Marsh

      Marsh - 2007-04-11

      Wich file do i need for vista?


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