Pat - 2007-05-20

When I run ~$ BasiliskII a terminal window opens and a gui frame opens with a grey hatched field but then crashes after a few seconds. I get this output in my terminal window:

pat@Computer04:~/b2$ BasiliskII
Basilisk II V1.0 by Christian Bauer et al.
Reading ROM file...
Using /dev/dsp audio output
do_handle_screen_fault: unhandled address 0x40d72380 [IP=0x8086f7a]
D0: 00000000 D1: fffcffff D2: fffffffc D3: 0080000f
D4: 0003fffc D5: 00000000 D6: 00000012 D7: 00000000
A0: 0000003c A1: 00000002 A2: 00006d44 A3: 00007158
A4: 00006938 A5: 009d1380 A6: 00000000 A7: 004009a6
USP=00000000 ISP=004009a6 MSP=00000000 VBR=00000000
T=00 S=1 M=0 X=1 N=1 Z=0 V=0 C=0 IMASK=0
FP0: 0 FP1: 0 FP2: 0 FP3: 0
FP4: 0 FP5: 0 FP6: 0 FP7: 0
N=0 Z=0 I=0 NAN=0
0082e8e8: 2815 28c4 c081 c284 8287 MOVE.L (A5),D4
next PC: 0082e8ea

Any suggestions for where to go next?

Debian 2.4.21 on Dell 733/256