chlowden - 2008-07-10

Via Chubby Bunny, I have been able to get a OS9 mac running on my Mac intel. Congratulations to all those that managed this. It works well for me. My only problem is that I have a couple of apps that require that a dongle be attached to the machine to function. I used an IMATE, a USB - ADB adapter when I booted up under OS 9 (this system did not work under classic under OSX). These apps are highly specific for the film industry and the OSX versions that are now available are not as good as the original OS9 version (and also prohibitively expensive for my purposes). I have installed the IMATE driver but nothing works and from what I read, I fear that Sheep Shaver does not implement USB connections beyond the keyboard.
Is there anyway for me to make a connection between the hardware dongle, the adapter and sheepshaver?
Many thanks