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  • HEAT84

    HEAT84 - 2004-08-27

    With Basilisk and every emulator that I've used  games run way too fast! I assume this is because they (the emulators) were designed on PCs with Pentium 2 (or its AMD equivalent or maybe even Cyrix) CPU's  or even slower.  I have a 2.08 GHZ AMD CPU. Any Ideas on how to slow down emulation or is ther an emulator that was made in the last 2 years?

    • Jim Watters

      Jim Watters - 2004-08-27

      That depends on your platform.

      As far as the last two years, SheepShaver can now emulate a PPC running up to OS 9.0.4 (with AltiVec), but only on Linux. Not sure what speed you should expect playing a game, but SheepShaver is pretty fast. You need a specific ROM image to run SheepShaver on the x86 platform.

      PearPC can emulate a slow G4 and run OS X 10.x on Linux and Windows, but can't run in Mac Classic mode yet (to run your games). No ROM required.

      I assume you already know about the Fusion PC, SoftMac, Executor and (mini) vMac 68k emulators that may also run your game slower then Basilisk II does?

    • french1eiht7

      french1eiht7 - 2004-11-13

      Oh yeah noticed that too, Basilisk runs games from the 80's way too fast. So better play B&W games on Mini vMac


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