Tavys Ashcroft - 2004-10-18

I'm having the strangest problem with sound:

Basilisk II
WindowsXP Pro
SoundBlaster Live 5.1
Quadra 650 ROM
Mac OS 8.0

I'm trying to run SoundEffects 0.9.2 and SoundMaker 1.0.3 (basically the same program) but can't get any sound out of the editor window.  I can hear sound from the preview in the File>Open dialog, and I can hear sound when previewing an effect (like the keyboard effect) but when I am in the regular waveform editing window and hit play, no sound.  Strange.

I guess it might just be the way the program plays sound is different in the waveform editor and in the dialog boxes.  I don't know if the solution would be in changing something in Basilisk or changing something in SoundEffects or SoundMaker, but since they both seem to be abandonware at this point, I guess I'm stuck.


Any ideas, anybody?