Basilisk on Vista

  • Matt Fanning

    Matt Fanning - 2008-12-06

    Hi guys.
    I've used this emulator for years.  It's great.  It has allowed me to keep and access all my old games and files from my childhood. 
    I'm getting ready to replace my computer and of course, as the thread title indicates, I'm concerned that I wont be able to run basilisk on my new computer.

    I was wondering, will basilisk run on Windows Vista?  Will it run on Vista 64 bit?  If not, is there some "trick" that would allow me to run it? 

    I'm sorry if this question has already been asked.  I know it's annoying to answer the same questions again and again...  I've looked around a bit on here and google and couldn't find an answer.  I'm definitely not a computer expert.

    Anywho, I appreciate the help! 

    • Matt Fanning

      Matt Fanning - 2008-12-06

      Also, I understand that this forum isn't frequented often.  I'll come to check back from time to time.  Don't hesitate to give an answer even if it's months from now and you suspect that I've forgotten all about this post.  Thanks again!

      • Jim Watters

        Jim Watters - 2008-12-06

        I have friends who use Basilisk II (and SheepShaver, PearPC, Mini vMac) on Windows Vista and they haven't complained.

        It is unfortunate that this discussion forum isn't used more often as it is the project's home Help group.

        My friend Clockwise runs a (recently updated) website and discussion forum for all the Macintosh Emulators. The Emaculation website includes extensive articles and guides for people new to using Mac Emus. The forum is usually active and frequented by many long time Mac emulation aficionados and even the developers. The hottest mac emulator nowadays is the Mac OS X for Intel port of SheepShaver (for running Classic Power Mac OSes and programs).

    • Matt Fanning

      Matt Fanning - 2008-12-07

      Good to hear, I'll check out that website. 


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