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Problems creating 2gb image using HFVExplorer

  • Richard A. Cini

    Richard A. Cini - 2006-04-06

    I have a working Basilisk setup with a 500mb disk image but I want to rebuild it with a 2gb HFV image. I went through the same steps to create the image but HFVExplorer complains that it cannot locate the image file. Creating a 1gb image the same way works fine.

    Has anyone successfully created a 2gb image using HFVe? I tried contacting the author but the email address available is bad.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2006-11-22

      Are you by any chance running Windows 9x or Me? Or are you running 2k or XP that was upgraded from one of those systems. If so, you cannot create any file 2 GB or more. This is a limitation of the FAT32 filesystem. Try finding a very large file on the Internet, like a DVD ISO image and download it - It won't work. The download will abort just before 2 Gig. This might be a problem with other Operating Systems as well. It might also be this way for the old Mac OS that you're trying to emulate might not be able handle 2 Gig drives also. That's just a guess mind you, but I know it's a fact on FAT32 systems.


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