How to start a HDD Copy of a real old MAC?

Marx Karl
  • Marx Karl

    Marx Karl - 2008-05-25


    i am a newbie in apple emulation. Most problems i´ve fixed with help of google ;)
    But now I have a very hard problem. I have two old MAC II FX with important files and programs on it.

    First I created a HDD Image with HFSExplorer and copied files of old hard drive to image.
    After I copied them I tried to start image by Basilisk II but it failed. The only thing i can see is
    a nice floppy on the screen :)

    I know what thats mean. He is not able to boot. But how to do them?
    If it would be windows i would try to create a new MBR. But whats to do on a MAC with System 7?
    Is there something like a MBR?

    I allready tried to reinstall a new MAC OS on the image of the old system.
    Now MAC OS is able to boot, but not to start the old programms of the old installation.

    Is there a possibility to get the old programms to run? I have the old floppy disks but most
    of them are shit. Most of them are older than 15 years.

    It is very important to get them start...

    I would be very happy if anybody could help me :)

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2008-08-02

      Try Apple's disk copy program (must run on a Mac) to make images (free). To boot the volume must be HFS formatted for OS 7.x or could be HFS+ for 8.x. The System folder must be blessed (valid) to boot that machine. Also the disk image could be corrupt.  Try Apple's Disk first aid or similar utility. Which version of Mac OS are you using in the emulator?

      Can you see the programs of the old Mac or will it not load the image file?


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