Barry version 0.14 released

Retrieve and backup information from your USB BlackBerry handheld on Linux!

This is a bugfix and maintenance release. The main features include:

- memory exhaution bug fixed in opensync plugin
- documentation updates, including pre-built doxygen output in source tar
- new field support: Birthday, Location, Description, Anniversary
- new TMobile US ppp script
- fixed error message in breset
- binary packages now have proper names (libbarry0)
- backup GUI can now reference multiple devices by name instead of PIN

Binary packages are now available in two locations.

The usual binary downloads are available on Sourceforge for Debian stable;
Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04; Fedora 7, 8, and 9; and OpenSUSE 10.2. Source packages
are available in Debian, RPM, and tarball formats.

In addition, you can find multi-platform binary packages on the
OpenSUSE Build Service, including 32 and 64 bit, and even more distros,
at the following URL:

Note that you can access the latest version, as well as CVS snapshots
at the above URL. Depending on your system, you may also be able to
use it as a yum package repository.

Detailed user documentation is available online at

There are some known issues in this release (which affect older
releases as well). Namely:

1) Restoring backups for some databases on newer Blackberries
doesn't work (for example, on the 8120, 8700g). Before
relying on barrybackup, please make full data backups using
RIM's Windows tool.

2) Syncing is not supported on Fedora Core 9, since they packaged
the OpenSync 0.3x devel tree.

3) Password support when using Blackberry as modem is experimental.

4) Accessing the database (such as during a backup) while copying
files using the usb_storage kernel module may cause some
Blackberries to spontaneously reboot.

5) The opensync plugin does not handle international characters well.

For full details regarding the changes in 0.14, please see the ChangeLog.

Developers are encouraged to join the project, play with the code,
and report any problems or feature requests to the mailing
list. You can use the command line tool to capture unsupported
database items and help in the reverse engineering process.


Contributors in this release:
Lee Dixon - found memory bug, and added field support
for Birthday, Location, Description
Mick Reed - TMobile US ppp chat script
Jose Sogo - Debian package patches

Thanks also to the official distro maintainers who have come on board:

Debian Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
Mandriva Adam Williamson

Posted by Net Direct Inc. 2008-09-25

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