#8 barry should support synching contact photos


It would be great if barry and btool would support dumping the contact photo during sync. btool -c doesn't include the photo in the ldif output and as far as I can tell neither does the opensync driver.


  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2010-04-19

    Hi Matthew,

    I've ported the Photo support from the opensync 0.4x plugin to the opensync 0.22 plugin, and it seems to work for me.

    I've also added support for generating photo output in LDIF mode in btool. There was one problem that I ran into, and that was that LDIF seems to only support a "jpegPhoto" field, and it is not guaranteed what format will come out of the BlackBerry. You can still map this field manually on the btool command line using "-m jpegPhoto,Image,Image" or even using a different field than jpegPhoto. At least the Image data is now accessible through btool, and you can probably massage the data as needed to get it into LDAP.

    It is worth noting that going the other direction, from LDAP to BlackBerry, the photo format matters less, since the BlackBerry seems to automatically detect the formats used.

    The latest changes are in the git / CVS source repositories.

    - Chris

  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2010-04-19
    • status: open --> closed

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