#31 sync EvoBarry: timeout in usb_bulk_read


I have a Blackberry Storm type 9500 with Vodafone Spain. And I want to sync with a IBM Thinkpad x31 intel Pentium with OS Ubuntu 8.10.
I installed Barry following instructions from its web, and now I am able to make a backup.
But when I try to sync with Evolution, I have this problem:

root@ibmx31-laptop:/home/ibmx31# evolution --force-shutdown
root@ibmx31-laptop:/home/ibmx31# msynctool --sync EvoBarry
Synchronizing group "EvoBarry"
Member 1 of type evo2-sync had an error while connecting: Unable to open anything
Desktop: error getting command table
Sent packet:
00000000: 07 00 0a 00 40 00 00 01 00 00 ....@.....

Response packet:

Member 2 of type barry-sync had an error while connecting: (-110, No error): Timeout in usb_bulk_read
All clients have disconnected
The sync failed: Unable to connect one of the members
Error while synchronizing: Unable to connect one of the members

Please, help me.



  • Gorki

    Gorki - 2009-04-03
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  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2009-07-28


    Sorry for the long delay in responding.

    The error you're seeing is a read timeout, and it isn't in the normal spot for similar errors. I suspect it might possibly be a bug between Barry and recent kernels.

    What version of Barry are you using, and what kernel are you using?

    You might try one of Martin Owens' Barry snapshots from:

    - Chris

  • Net Direct Inc.

    Net Direct Inc. - 2009-07-28
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