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Documentation refactoring

The documentation is beeing moved from's DocManager to a Wiki : .
DocBook format was not adequate and was too hard to maintain. XHTML was not bad, but wiki is definitely more easy to maintain (even if it's less structured and reusable).

Posted by Nicolas BONARDELLE 2005-06-28

A new tool : RegExpBar

A regular expression evaluator, as a sidebar for IE/Mozilla/Opera. Exactly what I was needed to set up some T4C regex !

Posted by Nicolas BONARDELLE 2005-02-27

Barde goes alpha

I've got already a GUI that can display the content of a zipped log file.

I've uploaded a screenshot at Only the "folder" button is linked to an action, actually. The other buttons as well as the popup menu do not trigger anything.

Not a lot of work, but it's sometimes hard just to find a few minutes to spend on Barde.

Will commit to CVS shortly (got problems with Eclipse).

Posted by Nicolas BONARDELLE 2004-09-16

Barde is born !

-- Administration
No mailing-list, no tracker : all informations will be made public via the website and the (only) forum.
I recommend everyone to ask their questions, requests, suggestions, submits, ... on the forum.
I will also use the news mechanism from SourceForge to notify of updates.

This project is GPL'ed so everybody can add his own functionnalities.
Thus, every T4C-player-and-Java-developper is welcome to "barde".... read more

Posted by Nicolas BONARDELLE 2004-05-26