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2012-06-21 01:17:58 Tree
[9b14de] by barbux barbux

Created basic .config handling
moved i386 specific stuff to x86_32 directories

2008-03-23 05:26:54 Tree
[dd5123] by barbux barbux

Add .cvsignore

2008-03-13 14:03:38 Tree
[43b182] by barbux barbux

Add headers to compile dash

2008-03-13 14:02:10 Tree
[b717be] by barbux barbux

Libc improvements
init mount the devfs

2006-11-12 11:34:07 Tree
[f7e20a] by rmp91 rmp91

New scheduler (basic but cleaner). Better interrupt/traps handling.

2006-11-11 16:50:44 Tree
[64c18a] by barbux barbux

Fix fork_exec

2006-10-24 21:43:01 Tree
[c8e64f] by barbux barbux

replacing tabs to spaces

2006-10-24 20:55:03 Tree
[3946be] by barbux barbux

changed user_process to fork_exec

2006-10-24 20:41:08 Tree
[1603a0] by rmp91 rmp91

Renamed process 0 from "init" to "proc0" to avoid confusion with process 1

2006-10-24 20:07:29 Tree
[3b668d] by rmp91 rmp91

Updated i8258 PIC handling. Added local irq enable/disable/restore functions.

2006-10-24 19:16:43 Tree
[1738f8] by barbux barbux

Split process.c

2006-10-24 17:57:34 Tree
[b128c9] by rmp91 rmp91

Separated main.c into arch-indep and arch-dep code

2006-10-21 14:34:34 Tree
[f75750] by rmp91 rmp91

*** empty log message ***

2006-10-21 14:33:35 Tree
[a22086] by rmp91 rmp91

Removed early IRQ handlers, would never be called anyway...

2006-10-21 13:52:45 Tree
[d74a2b] by rmp91 rmp91

Reworked interrupts handling. Separated traps and IRQs.

2006-10-21 13:18:15 Tree
[f28bf6] by rmp91 rmp91

Reworked interrupt handling a bit

2006-10-21 12:05:13 Tree
[2aba3e] by barbux barbux

Fixed interrupt handler

2006-10-20 16:50:18 Tree
[83447a] by rmp91 rmp91

Added some warning flags, fixed compilation errors/warnings.

2006-10-17 19:56:22 Tree
[892083] by rmp91 rmp91

Fixed a compilation error of mk_bsyms on Linux. Made debug information in syscall/interrupt handlers optionnal.

2006-10-17 19:47:34 Tree
[927ea5] by rmp91 rmp91

Added version information in include/version.h. Minor boot messages tweaking.

2006-10-14 16:01:58 Tree
[374991] by rmp91 rmp91

Kernel symbol table now functionnal. Symbol names shown in backtraces.
Moved barbux stack away from potential modules.

2006-10-10 21:59:30 Tree
[19ce15] by rmp91 rmp91

Fixed kernel headers for userland sources inclusion. Added symtable module generator.

2006-10-09 22:00:45 Tree
[5dae7d] by rmp91 rmp91

Fixed a bug in symtable_module_init().

2006-10-09 19:24:14 Tree
[a7a79c] by rmp91 rmp91

Fixed a bug in rbmap. Added the ASSERT() macro. Enhanced early console and faults handling.
Added the symtable module handler (still broken).

2006-10-08 22:22:51 Tree
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