Commit Date  
[r383] (HEAD) by jkodumal


2006-04-21 05:40:43 Tree
[r382] by jkodumal


2006-04-20 05:45:32 Tree
[r381] by jkodumal


2006-03-31 17:36:40 Tree
[r380] by jkodumal

update clean target1

2006-03-29 21:27:07 Tree
[r379] by jkodumal

update-- fix spurious cons_mismatch warning in con_match

2006-03-29 21:20:53 Tree
[r378] by jkodumal

spec dyckcfl works!!

2006-03-17 21:45:30 Tree
[r377] by jkodumal

dyckcfl compiles with specialized code

2006-03-17 06:38:35 Tree
[r376] by jkodumal

set sort support for parameterized constructors

2006-03-16 22:41:10 Tree
[r375] by jkodumal


2006-03-10 03:21:29 Tree
[r374] by jkodumal

refactor group constructors into nonspec.

2006-03-08 04:48:14 Tree
[r373] by jkodumal

update spec language syntax to allow group constructors

2006-03-07 20:38:52 Tree
[r372] by jkodumal

add constructor groups and parameterized constructors

2006-03-07 00:38:49 Tree
[r371] by jkodumal

added reachability functions that take a region as parameter; change the order that libs are linked in cparser per Jeff's suggestion.

2006-03-02 03:49:24 Tree
[r370] by jkodumal

bug fix; null ptr

2006-03-02 01:22:57 Tree
[r369] by jkodumal

textmate project file

2006-03-01 21:02:40 Tree
[r368] by jkodumal

various bug fixes: intersection magically turning into union, and memory leaks

2006-03-01 16:26:47 Tree
[r367] by jkodumal

remove nested functions because apple's gcc 4.0 (the only compiler for intel macs) doesn't support them.

2006-02-22 01:43:52 Tree
[r366] by jkodumal

added support for group constructor expressions, and modified mark_global_node to create a lower bound self loop so that P paths are promoted to matched paths

2006-02-09 01:24:07 Tree
[r365] by jkodumal

fixed forward cycle elimination bug

2006-02-01 23:49:27 Tree
[r364] by jkodumal


2005-11-04 18:01:37 Tree
[r363] by jkodumal

*** empty log message ***

2005-10-22 17:30:30 Tree
[r362] by jkodumal

bitvector annotations, for interprocedural dataflow analysis problems

2005-10-22 01:43:36 Tree
[r361] by jkodumal

added credit

2005-10-20 22:45:41 Tree
[r360] by jkodumal


--- add annotated subtype edges to dyckcfl
--- update ocaml interface

2005-10-20 22:41:53 Tree
[r359] by jkodumal


2005-10-06 20:04:30 Tree
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