#6 Use database server to share library over network


Banshee is by far the best looking/functioning media player I can find at the moment and I don't wish to switch.
However, I want to keep my tracks on a network drive and share the library with all my desktops.
If I just use a mounted network drive then other clients will not see changes made such as tag corrections.
I don't wish to write changes to the files as other programs maybe using the data. Also the changes will not be reflected in other banshee clients who have already loaded the file.
Using a MySQL database would, in theory, solve my problem.
uPnP is horrible at the moment. And read only as far as I can tell.
I don't want to use other tools to manage my media. Banshee should be able to handle these things.
I've searched but not found any other satisfactory solution.
I'm assuming that switching from SQLite to MySQL should be a fairly easy transaction.
Thanks for reading


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