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  • bharat gupta

    bharat gupta - 2011-09-28

         i am trying to calculate data sent and received using log file but i am not able to get a way such that logfile will have new entry after each particular time period so please help me to get the logfile acoording required time period.

  • bharat gupta

    bharat gupta - 2011-09-28

    i am using bandwidthd-2.0.1-9.el5.x86_64.rpm for rhel5 system, i have already installed bandwidthd and try to change setting in bandwidthd.conf file but i am unable to find how to change the .conf file such that i will get log file entry update after a perticular x seconds. i do not have to analyse html file but i need to use log files so can you suggest me what changes i should done such that i will get logfile entry after each x timestamp.

  • Alestan

    Alestan - 2011-12-29

    For that you may need to compile it yourself.

    First, try adding an entry to your bandwidthd.conf file 'interval <number of seconds>'
    I think that should work.  If it doesn't, you'll need to recompile the program.

    I am not very famaliar with red hat, so you'll be on your own for getting the source code, once you have it, in bandwidthd.h, line 86 change INTERVAL1 to however many seconds you want per update.  Then run autoheader; autogen; ./configure && make && make install


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