Alestan - 2011-08-25

To those of you asking for help, please try to give details, generally more is better.  A post like `It doesn't work'  will go unanswered far longer than `bandwidthd fails to start with error x, here's a copy of the backtrace gdb gives when it crashes…`

At the minimum, please include:
OS Name:
OS Version:
Source of your bandwidthd install: (binary download here, source download here, source download from OS repo)
Bandwidthd version or cvs revision date:
A copy of or a link to a copy of your bandwidthd.conf: (use if you don't want to inline it, and please scrub any passwords and IP addresses from it that you don't want us to have)
If you compiled it yourself, and you remember any flags you passed to the configure script, include those too.
If it crashes and you have access to gdb or something similar, try to get us a back trace.  Also check the syslog for errors and include any that you see that are related to bandwidthd. 
Oh, and read the README file that comes with bandwidthd, it explains a lot and may just have the answer to your question.