bandwidthd not counting traffic correctly

  • Barray Mian

    Barray Mian - 2010-10-14

    hi all,

    I have a few computers connected to a router at home and I want to find out their bandwidth usage so I installed Bandwidthd on my machine which is also connected to the same router and pointed it to eth0, but I am having problem with it as Bandwidthd does not count the bandwidth usage of other computers correctly

    The other computers are using the router directly to access the internet so i set the promiscuous to true.

    The Bandwidthd only shows the traffic in a few kilobytes for other computers, even though I have downloaded tens of megabytes using those computers.  It does show all the computers' internal ip addresses correctly though

    anything you could suggest? or have I understood the point of Bandwidthd completely incorrectly

    here is the image to show you my bandwidthd report

  • AkkerKid

    AkkerKid - 2011-12-20

    You're expecting your capturing PC to see all of the traffic from the other computers on your network.  Unfortunately, that won't be the case if your using a switch or a router with a switch in it.  By default a switch (as opposed to a hub) will not share data passing through it with any ports that are not in the path or the data. Meaning, if you're not the sender or the receiver of that data, the switch (or router in your case) will not even bother to transmit that data through your port.  What you would need to do is either configure your network to somehow channel all of it's data through the recording computer, use a hub instead of a switch or buy a smart switch with the ability to perform port mirroring.

  • Alestan

    Alestan - 2011-12-29

    Make sure you have it configured in promiscuous mode, and then you need to make sure it can see the traffic.  If you do have a switch and not a bridge, you'll need to set up a port mirror.  The alternative is to put your monitor on the outside of the switch, but if it is using NAT, it might not give you much for meaningful data.  If you have a 100 meg connection or slower, you can pick up a 10/100 hub that would let you mirror the traffic fairly cheaply. 


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