/var/lib/bandwidthd/htdocs attributes

  • Torben Schou Jensen

    bandwidthd (2.0.1+cvs20090917-4.1) installed on Debian Stable server.

    root have umask 077.

    All new files in /var/lib/bandwidthd/htdocs are created with 600 so impossible to see graphs from other computers???

    Is there any way to change this


  • Alestan

    Alestan - 2011-06-02

    How are you trying to share them to other computers?  If you are using mod_php with apache2, and generating the graphs dynamically, then just copy /var/lib/bandwidthd/htdocs to someplace the apache user has control over (/var/www) and then chown the scripts to apache.  If that isn't how you're doing it, then I need a bit more information about how you're generating the graphs and how you are sharing them with other computers.



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