Wrong version in ubuntu repository

  • Diego Palharini

    Diego Palharini - 2012-05-23

    I have downloaded the code from ubuntu/debian repository and there is a but on the line 899 in the file bandwidthd.c
    ->fprintf(cdf, "%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,", Stats->total, Stats->icmp, Stats->udp, Stats->tcp, Stats->ftp, Stats->http, Stats->p2p);

    there is a comma missing, the last comma. So, the size of the line recorded will be 17 and should be 18.

    Who is responsible for update the code in the ubuntu repository?
    Who I need to warning about this issue?

  • jose bredariol

    jose bredariol - 2012-08-01

    I think this is my problem too ->  bandwidthd: Recover CDF feature does not work
    I read abou this patch, but I don´t know how to aplly.

    The problem is a pair of fscanf calls that expects the wrong number of
    fields. Here's a quick diff that fixes this bug:

    -- bandwidthd-2.0.1+cvs20090917.orig/bandwidthd.c
    +++ bandwidthd-2.0.1+cvs20090917/bandwidthd.c
    @@ -1192,10 +1192,10 @@

    if (fscanf(cdf, "%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,",
    &ip->Send.total, &ip->Send.icmp, &ip->Send.udp,
    - &ip->Send.tcp, &ip->Send.ftp, &ip->Send.http, &ip->Send.mail,
    &ip->Send.p2p) != 7
    + &ip->Send.tcp, &ip->Send.ftp, &ip->Send.http, &ip->Send.mail,
    &ip->Send.p2p) != 8
    || fscanf(cdf, "%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu,%llu",
    &ip->Receive.total, &ip->Receive.icmp, &ip->Receive.udp,
    - &ip->Receive.tcp, &ip->Receive.ftp, &ip->Receive.http,
    &ip->Receive.mail, &ip->Receive.p2p) != 7)
    + &ip->Receive.tcp, &ip->Receive.ftp, &ip->Receive.http,
    &ip->Receive.mail, &ip->Receive.p2p) != 8)
    goto End_RecoverDataFromCdf;

  • Alestan

    Alestan - 2012-09-15

    Well, the debian repository doesn't say who the package maintainers are.  If you run apt-get source while pointed to ubuntu repo, and there is a maintainer listed, it will say in the output.  (Run it from /tmp or something so you don't clutter up anyplace about which you care).  As for this project, I don't think I've seen hide nor hair of the project leaders in well over a year… 


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